Training Eligibility


Customers interested and eligible for training are scheduled for an orientation, intake and employment first assessment sessions (see Getting Started).  Customers approved for training opportunities will research career options and training programs through virtual sessions with counselors and through online tools such as, NJ Career Connections, NJ Career Assistance Navigator(NJCAN), One-Stop Careers.  The training opportunities include:

  • ​Individual Training Account Grants (ITA) - Individuals may be eligible to receive an ITA grant to attend a training program. Customers can chose from a number of leading post-secondary schools or colleges, provided the school is approved by the NJ Labor & Workforce Development (NJLWD) and the field is deemed a demand occupation. New Jersey Training Opportunities (NJTOPPS) website is home to New Jersey's Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL) and Consumer Report Card (CRC). The ETPL is a comprehensive listing of all schools and organizations offering occupational education and job training programs that are eligible to receive publicly funded tuition assistance. You can search, sort, and compare schools and training providers based on information such as the location, length of training, cost, and any special services that may be offered.

  • On-the-Job Training Grants (OJT) - Eligible individuals may receive an OJT grant. The Business Services Coordinator work with prospective employees to match them with open positions in local firms. The One-Stop then reimburses employers for some of the costs associated with training the new employee. 








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