2019-06-12_OC Achievement Center Graduat

Congratulations to the Ocean County Achievement Center Class of 2019 Graduates!

​​Ocean County PIC, Inc.

 Youth Career Opportunity Program


Ocean County PIC, Inc. in partnership with the Ocean County Achievement Center (OCAC) on Ocean County College Campus, provides young adults, ages 16-24, a safe and friendly environment to learn and explore career opportunities.

See the OCAC newsletter below and see what we have been up to:

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Some of our services include:

  • High School completion

  • Work experience and employment opportunities

  • Career training in demand occupations with credentials

  • Post-secondary education

  • Apprenticeships

  • Education & workplace mentoring

  • Financial literacy

  • Leadership development, including community service projects

  • Career and life skills guidance and counseling

  • Referral to community partner agencies

For more information on our Youth Career Opportunity Program at the Ocean County Achievement Center

please call us at 732-240-5995 x 5602 or email oceancountypic.org@gmail.com.

To assist us in determining your eligibility, below is the supporting documentation you will need for determining eligibility.  For your convenience, please download document requirements form below.

Document Requirements